FUSION: ADC Fall Concert

On Saturday, October 22nd, ADC will be hosting a fall concert at the Sun Theater, for an evening of dance celebrating Ashleyliane Dance Company's tenth anniversary. FUSION will feature some of the most memorable works from our repertoire. We often "fuse" classical training with commercial dance as a vehicle for collaboration, creativity, and change. Buy Tickets Now!


  • Trivia Night

    ADC Trick or Trivia Night is coming to you on Friday, October 28th. Adults can bring "spirited beverages" and everyone can bring their nibbles!

  • New Jazz Instructor!

    ADC also welcomes Audrey Simes, formerly of Central Studio, who will be teaching our weekly advanced jazz classes!

  • New Ballet Mistress!

    ADC also welcomes Morgan Scott Cameron, formerly of The Big Muddy Dance Company, who will be teaching our weekly ballet classes, and working with the professional company!